2006_06_sdolandunce.jpgKnicks’ fans, are you still basking in the afterglow of the worst season in franchise history? Are you looking forward to watching the Chicago Bulls use the #2 overall pick in the upcoming draft? Well, it’s time to stop blaming Isiah and Larry and focus on the big fish at MSG, Jim Dolan. Selltheknicks.com is a website designed to appeal to the “everyfan” while trying to force Dolan and Cablevision to sell their ownership interests in the Knicks, Rangers and Liberty.

How will they do this? Primarily by humiliating Dolan every chance they get. The NBA Draft will be their first effort as they try and take advantage of national television coverage to spread their message. They have not announced any additional events, but the ownership of the site hints at a “cherry on the top” for their draft day plans.

While they don’t have a particular person in mind as the new owner, they want someone “who is passionate about their role as owner, and isn't just looking at it as something to talk about at his next cocktail party”. So, if you want a new way to vent your anger after a 23-59 season, check out the site.