Herb Williams; Photo: AP via USA Today

These Knicks columns are just writing themselves lately. Gothamist was on hand late Friday night along with Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Ludacris to witness Stephon Marbury dribble aimlessly for 20 seconds, then pass to a flummoxed Jamal Crawford with one second on the shot clock and all but gift-wrap a narrow 92-91 victory for the Houston Rockets. When the crowd all expects that you'll find a way to lose, a change is certainly in order.

After their third one-point loss in seven days on Friday night, Lenny Wilkens decided he had seen enough. He met with Isiah Thomas after the game, then announced his resignation on Saturday.

The team announced that Herb Williams (pictured) would serve as interim head coach for the remainder of the season. Any winds of change Williams may bring had not arrived by Sunday afternoon, as our Knicks somehow managed to lose to the bottom-dwelling Milwaukee Bucks 101-96 at MSG. The Times say that they don't see much changing this season, while Phil Jackson surprisingly pops up in Australia to say he'd talk to Isiah about the job.

Photo by AP via USA Today; Entry by Tom Thornton