After seven years as a New York Met, Al Leiter has left our fair city for a second stint with the Florida Marlins. Leiter signed a 1 year, $7 million contract with the team he pitched for in 1996 and won a World Series with in 1997. The Tom's River, NJ native, has always been a Mets fan, yet he left the team even after agreeing to an offer of 1 year, guaranteed $4 million contract with $3 million in easy incentives. Despite his desire to stay, it seems like it was Omar Minaya that drove him away by making offers with deadlines, slow response time and rescinding offers.

Last season, Leiter was 10-8 with a 3.21 ERA, 10th best in the National League. Leiter was a class act with roots in the community and Gothamist will miss him, despite his lack of rhythm or skills in playing the tambourine (we saw him on stage at a Springstein concert).

Was Minaya right to let the lifelong Mets fan go or was it a mistake that he will have to live with next season as Leiter returns as a Marlin?