2006_04_syankeeslogo.jpg-Yankees 2 Mets 0: Are the Mets simply picking the wrong time to slump, or is the American League just that much better than the National League? It’s a legitimate question after the Yankees held the Mets to only one hit and increased their losing streak to four games. While Mets’ fans have been eager to draw parallels to 1986 this year, they should remember that winning the World Series requires beating the team from the American League.

Jason Giambi homered and Andy Phillips added a RBI single to pace the Yankees and ruin El Duque’s return to Yankee Stadium. Mike Mussina pitched four innings of no-hit ball, but came out of the game due to a monsoon. Villone, Proctor, Farnsworth and Rivera came in and pitched the remaining five innings while surrendering only one hit in the victory.

-Hudson Valley 6 SI Yanks 5: Edgar Soto gave up five runs in the first inning as the Renegades beat the “Baby Bombers”.

-Brooklyn 1 Aberdeen 0: It may have taken fifteen innings, but the Cyclones are on a winning streak!