2006_04_syankeeslogo.jpg-Yankees 12, Red Sox 4, Yankees 14, Red Sox 11 : In a long day of baseball at Fenway Park -- including the longest nine-inning game ever -- the Yankees came away with a sweep of the doubleheader to start their five-game series in Boston. Each team started a pitcher Friday that has no business on Major League contender: Jason Johnson for the Red Sox (who was designated for assignment after the opener) and Sidney Ponson for the Yankees (who should be designated for assignment after the nightcap). In case people haven't noticed, these teams haven't gotten to where they are with deep rotations, and the Yankees' lineup is better than that of the Red Sox. With this result, the Yankees can feel good if they win one of the remaining three games.

-Mets 6, Rockies 3: Steve Trachsel turned in another mediocre performance, but that's good enough in the mediocre (or worse) National League. Colorado, thanks in part to Clint Hurdle's strategies and to general impotence, has an awful offense, and the Mets' thin pitching shouldn't be tested this weekend against the Rockies.