2006_04_syankeeslogo.jpg -Yankees 4 Tampa Bay 2: The Yankees played and won Sunday, but that was really a sideshow to their off-field activity. New York landed Bobby Abreu and Cory Lidle in a trade with the Phillies, solidifying their lineup and rotation and giving them the firepower they will need to last in a race with Boston, Chicago and Minnesota for a playoff spot.

With Abreu in the fold, the Yankees will now turn their attention to fortifying their bullpen before the 4pm trade deadline. With the return of Octavio Dotel in question, New York could use another arm and Brian Cashman is rumored to be in pursuit of former Met, Roberto Hernandez. Whatever the outcome of that pursuit, Cashman deserves kudos for landing two impact players without giving up the cream of the Yankees’ farm system.

-Mets 10 Braves 6: Can we call the race now? After all, the Mets just completed a sweep of Atlanta (their first in Atlanta since 1985) and the Phillies have obviously thrown in the towel. Is there any doubt that New York will now cruise to a NL East title?

If there is in your mind, you should review what happened this weekend. Carlos Beltran hit four homers, including his third grand slam of the month as New York dominated their former nemesis and served notice that they will be the team to beat in the NL come October,

The question is, will they make a move before the trading deadline? This seems to be the year, so giving up youth for a proven pitcher would be prudent, but the ghosts of the Kazmir trade still haunt the franchise and may keep Omar from improving his club.