2006_04_syankeeslogo.jpg-Yankees 2 Boston 1: There have been other sweeps, but this has to be the most satisfying since 1978. Heading into Boston with five games on the docket, the Yankees won them all and beat Boston in just about every way possible.

Did you want to see the Yankees put on massive offensive displays? How about 12-4, 14-11 or 13-5?

Beat the Red Sox closer in the late innings? How about last night's 8-5 victory after trailing 5-3 heading into the 8th?

Squeak out a close one? Today's 2-1 victory fits the bill.

It was pure domination and New York leaves town with a 6 1/2 game lead while the Red Sox have to try and get the license of the truck that ran them over. Boston still has 38 games to mount a comeback, something they did do in 1978 by winning their last eight games, but this race feels pretty over. Maybe it isn't, but the view is good from New York tonight.

-Staten Island 21 Brooklyn 6: Why should the big club have all the fun? The Baby Bombers fell behind 4-1 before jumping all over Brooklyn for nine runs in the first three innings and twelve in the last three. Amazingly, despite the massive run total, Staten Island did not hit a home run all evening.