The Mets won a 9-8, 16-inning thriller over the Phillies. The official length of the game was 5 hours 22 minutes. The game ended on a home run by Carlos Beltran. Mets fans should rejoice tomorrow as there's no more Lima Time. It will mark the debut of Alay Soler, the team's 9th starting pitcher this season - the team used 8 all of last season.

The Mystics crushed the Liberty in WNBA action.

2006_04_syankeeslogo.jpgDespite their bullpen's best efforts to make the game exciting, the Yankees held off the Red Sox 7-5 on Tuesday. They trail Boston by a game and a half and will play one more in Boston on Wednesday.

The Yankees have stumbled of late because of offensive impotence and pitching that has returned to where many thought it would exist this season. Chien-Ming Wang's effort Monday shows his true identity: a pitcher who wins when his pitches are hit at fielders and is ineffective when they aren't. Without a high strikeout total, Wang's results are too dependent on luck. No one expects Jaret Wright to regularly pitch five shutout innings like he did Tuesday, and Randy Johnson needs to improve from awful (5.62 ERA) to average. Mike Mussina can keep pitching the way he has (2.57 ERA).

As for the offense, it should recover from the recent slumps of Jason Giambi and Alex Rodriguez, but it won't reach the heights it might have before Hideki Matsui broke his wrist. That said, Gothamist has no idea why Terrance Long is on the team (the Royals, of all teams, released Monday's callup). If it were up to Gothamist, Melky Cabrera and Andy Phillips would see more time at the expense of Bernie Williams. Alas, it's up to Joe Torre, and Williams will continue to play as long as he has a pulse. Randy Johnson faces Boston's Matt Clement on Wednesday.