2006_07_sallstarlogoi.jpg - American League 3, National League 2: The Mets' David Wright hit a home run and his teammate Carlos Beltran scored the second run, but Trevor Hoffman couldn't close the deal in the ninth inning, and the American League won another All-Star Game. The Yankees' Mariano Rivera earned another All-Star save.

Everyone loves to point out that the AL has dominated the NL in Interleague Play, the World Series and All-Star Games over the past ten years. Of those three so-called indicators, the All-Star Game means the least. No one should doubt that the top half of the American League is more talented than the National League's best, but Michael Young's two-run triple in the ninth inning doesn't prove anything.

Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter, the Yankees' two starters, combined to go 0-for-5. Rodriguez, as has become his tradition, took advantage of the relaxed uniform regulations to wear white shoes. Jeter, who's worn lighter shoes in the past, didn't do so this year. If he makes the team again, perhaps he should revert to his old ways. He came into the game 7-for-10 in his All-Star career.