2006_04_smetslogo.jpg-Phillies 13 Mets 0: You have a 15-game lead in the middle of August, why would your best pitcher take the mound when he is less than 100%? Pedro Martinez felt discomfort in his calf while warming up, but didn’t tell anybody and he paid for it. Martinez surrendered six runs in only one inning of work as Philadelphia pounded New York. Martinez is listed as day-to-day, but with his next big start not scheduled until October, don’t expect to see him on the mound anytime soon.

-Yankees 7 Angels 2: What will be the snapshot from this game? Will it be A-Rod getting thrown out at third on a bizarre double play, or A-Rod driving in the winning run while just missing a grand slam? The way things are going, bet on the former, but A-Rod’s RBI was huge and only became an afterthought when the Yankees scored four runs in the eighth. With the win and a Boston loss, New York now has a two-game lead in the AL East.

-Batavia 7 Brooklyn 3: The Muckdogs erupted for four runs in the sixth and two in the seventh as they cruised to the win.