• Phoenix 112 New York 107: Don't let the score fool you,other than a forfeit, there was little chance the Knicks were ever going to win this game. The Suns are an offensive force and New York doesn’t play defense, so the result is no surprise. It’s what happened in the game that could change the rest of the season.

    Eddy Curry limped off the court and the season may have gone with him. At this point, we know very little about his injury other than the fact the medical staff called it “serious”. What we do know is that without Curry, the Knicks are headed into a tailspin. He was the focus of the offense and had even added some rebounding this year. Tests are expected back sometime today.

  • Randolph gets an extension: He only turned the entire franchise around from the Art Howe era, so why he was one of the lowest-paid managers in the league is a mystery to us, but now Willie should be here through 2010. Now, if Omar can only find another pitcher….
  • Around the NHL: While the All-Star Game ended in 12-9 victory for the West, it was the new uniforms that stole the show. Meanwhile, the Rangers decided to waive Darius Kasparitis and apparently didn’t tell him about it. Nice work Glen!