• Phillies 5, Mets 3: After every one of these crushing losses, the Mets must thank someone that the Phillies don't play as well against the rest of the league as they do against New York. Pedro Martinez's six-inning, nine-strikeout performance was a distant memory when Carlos Beltran's field trip misplay turned what should have been an inning-ending lineout into a two-run triple. With the win -- the seventh straight against the Mets -- the Phillies now trail by 4 1/2 games in the National League East. They'll still probably win the division, but the Mets would love to get a win Sunday just to breathe a bit easier.

  • Red Sox 10, Yankees 1: Not that Chien-Ming Wang deserved the Cy Young before this outing, but he's not going to get it now. He looked as sloppy as Josh Beckett looked strong as the Red Sox bounced back from Friday's collapse in convincing fashion. The pride of Taiwan is a good pitcher, but he doesn't have the dominant stuff true aces are made of. Unless his control is close to perfect, he's vulnerable to the walk and the unpredictability of allowing too many balls in play. The Yankees should be looking to the Tigers, who held off the Twins, as they try to protect their wild-card lead.

  • Red Bulls 2, Fire 2: Juan Pablo Angel scored in the 69th minute. Gonzalo Segares scored in the 70th minute. How's that for a momentum-killer? At least the teams get a lesson in sharing -- the points, that is.