• Yankees 11 Mets 8: This game had a little bit of everything, a balk, a rain delay, four home runs, eight stolen bases, a switch-hitter batting righty against a righty and a sweaty finish for the Yankees. The Mets jumped out to the lead in the first after Tyler Clippard made the mistake of walking Jose Reyes. Reyes stole second and scored on a single by David Wright. Ruben Gotay homered to make it 2-0 Mets, but the Yankees tied it up in the bottom of the second.

    Clippard didn’t learn anything from the first inning as he walked Reyes to start the third and Reyes eventually scored on a balk to give the Mets a 3-2 lead. A-Rod hit a two-run blast and the Yankees had the lead, but Clippard gave it right back when Ramon Castro hit a two-run blast

    So, it was 5-4 Mets heading into the bottom of the fourth and then Derek Jeter have the Yankees the lead for good. Jeter hit a two-run home run of his own to put the Yankees up 6-5. They padded that lead with two runs in the fifth, two runs in the sixth and a run in the eighth that made it 11-6.

    Mariano Rivera came in to pitch the ninth and almost gave the game away. After giving up conscutive singles to start the inning, Rivera got an out, before the Mets loaded the bases on a single by Castro. Ruben Gotay struck out, but Gomez got a single to make it 11-7 and Reyes, hitting righty, added a single to make it 11-8. But, Carlos Beltran didn’t want to follow Reyes’ example and he hit lefty, popping up the first pitch he saw from Rivera to end the game.

  • San Antonio 79 Liberty 71: The Liberty dropped their second in a row with the loss.