• Knicks 92 Raptors 74: The most important thing is that they won, but you have to be concerned about how it happened. Eddy Curry played another lackadaisical game, disappearing on defense and getting into foul trouble. Luckily, Renaldo Balkman replaced him and led the Knicks to a big third-quarter. Balkman finished with 15 points and 12 rebounds, giving New York the spark they desperately needed.

    So, do you rejoice in the win, or do you worry about the fact that Eddy Curry pulled another disappearing act? Curry has become the on-court leader and for the Knicks to get to the playoffs, they will need him to step up.

  • Nets 101 Clippers 95: New Jersey stayed in front of the Knicks by not giving away a game for a change. Jason Kidd had 23 points while Vince Carter added 22 and Bostjan Nachbar had several big rebounds off the bench.