• Orlando 94 Knicks 89: It’s the simple things that the Knicks seem incapable of doing and it cost them again Monday. In this case, it was a simple defensive decision, to switch or not to switch. Mardy Collins and Nate Robinson didn’t communicate and the result was a wide-open three-pointer by Jameer Nelson that erased a lead and led to their downfall.

    Yes, it appeared that Dwight Howard committed a goaltending violation on Stephon Marbury’s subsequent drive, but Nelson came down and hit another 3, part of the 10-2 run the Magic used to seal the game.

    The loss leaves the Knicks further out in the playoff race and they are 1-6 since Jim Dolan gave Isiah his contract extension.

  • Rutgers 64 Arizona State 45: What a year for the Scarlet Knights. First, their football team erases years of futility, now their women’s basketball team is on its way to the Final Four. Rutgers will face LSU in Cleveland on Sunday.

Photograph of Spike Lee throwing up his hands after the New York Knicks miss a crucial rebound during the last minutes by Seth Wenig/AP