• Mets 12, Brewers 4: Tuesday's 13-inning loss didn't seem to portend good things for the Mets' road trip. A worn-out rotation and bullpen looked ripe for a beating during the final two games in Milwaukee. But Oliver Perez stepped up Wednesday, and Brian Lawrence, pitching in the big leagues for the first time since 2005, reaped the benefits of run support in Thursday's matinée finale. That included Damion Easley's unlikely inside-the-park home run. Next up: a three-game test against the Cubs in Chicago.

  • White Sox 13, Yankees 9: Roger Clemens can't complain about run support any more. Not that he has been complaining about it, but now the newspaper writers and other pundits can't do it for him. Clemens gave up eight runs in the second inning, and the Yankees got them all back. Unfortunately, Clemens wasn't around to take advantage. Then the Yankees' bullpen lost a duel against Chicago's, one of baseball's worst. Speaking of one of baseball's worst, the Royals come to town Friday. Alex Rodriguez got two hits, by the way, but not his 500th homer. His possible replacement, Wilson Betemit, hit a long ball in his first Yankees plate appearance.

  • Liberty 71, Lynx 66: Yes, there is a team worse than the Liberty in the WNBA. That team is 7-21 Minnesota, a perfect cure for a now-over seven-game losing streak.

  • Brooklyn 5, Oneonta 2: The first four Cyclones reached base and scored, and the game was effectively over. The two teams still played the full nine innings though.