• Rockies 4 Yankees 3: It’s funny how the longer you watch baseball, the more you tend to see things repeat themselves. In 2005, the Yankees used a big winning streak to get out of a deep hole and climb above .500, only to fall back to .500 and below when they got swept by the Royals in a series where they made way too many mental errors and only scored six runs in three games. Those Yankees kept going a little above and below .500 until they reached 37-37 and then closed the season with a 58-30 run to win the AL East.

    The 2007 Yankees climbed out of a huge hole to get above .500, but just dropped back to that level after being swept on the road by the Colorado Rockies in a series where they only scored 5 runs and made numerous mental mistakes. Thursday's included Bobby Abreu missing a sign, Derek Jeter running from second on a ball hit to shortstop and Robinson Cano getting doubled off on a line drive.

    Unlike the 2005 team, the current Yankees face a much tougher challenge. The Red Sox are now 10 ½ games in front in the division and have the best record in baseball. The Yankees are also 6 ½ games back of the wild card and both Detroit and Cleveland are paying very well too. Getting to the playoffs will be a challenge and the Yankees have to recapture the style of play that helped them win nine-straight quickly.

  • Cyclones 6 Yankees 1: They had to wait out a 3rd inning rain delay that was nearly two hours long, but the Cyclones eventually won the game. The win gave the Cyclones the three-game series against last year's New York-Penn League Champions.
  • Giambi will talk to the Mitchell Committee: Apparently, baseball officials are hoping that this will help them get closer to learning what Barry Bonds did.