• Chicago 6 Yankees 4Joe Torre always likes to say that momentum is all about the next day’s starting pitcher and tonight proved that. Fresh off a huge win in Boston, the Yankees squandered any momentum they had with a terrible performance from Matt DeSalvo. While nobody expected DeSalvo to be a savior, giving up three runs and six baserunners in 1.1 innings failed to meet the lowest of expectations. At least the Yankees may be able to count on Roger Clemens to fill this hole in the rotation the next time around.

    To be fair, DeSalvo was also done in by his defense. Josh Phelps, the firstbaseman for now with Mientkiewicz out, combined with Derek Jeter to send an easy double play into center field. Ron Villone, who should be sent packing soon, couldn’t stop the bleeding and the Yankees turned a 1-0 lead into a 5-1 deficit by the end of the fourth.

    And that’s all Jon Garland needed. Garland shut down the Yankees’ offense over 8.1 innings, allowing only seven hits and three walks. The Yankees actually rallied for three runs in the ninth, but it was too little, too late once again.