From last place to the playoffs, the Yankees have taken their fans on a trip, but they will play October baseball once again. The same cannot yet be said about the Mets.

Wednesday night the Yankees completed a remarkable reversal, recovering from a 21-29 start to clinch their 13th-straight playoff spot with a 12-4 win. While it isn’t a definite, chances are they will be the Wild Card team and open the playoffs in Cleveland. Meanwhile, the Mets were swept at Shea by the Nationals, losing the final game of the series 9-6 and they saw their division lead shrink to one with the Phillies’ victory.

But, while the Yankees will celebrate a playoff spot first, they should not be the only team in New York to do so. The Mets still control their own destiny and they have their ace on the mound tonight. Both New York teams have put their fans through huge ups and downs this season, but hopefully they will both be playing and eventually playing against each other in October.

Photo of Yankees celebrating by AP/Chris O'Meara