• Nets 100, Knicks 86: Jason Kidd and Richard Jefferson combined to put the Nets in the playoffs while putting the Knicks in the realm of the draft lottery. No team that can't finish the season above .500 should be that proud of its year, but the Nets can take solace in knowing they'll get to play in the second season. On the other hand, no Knicks player should be happy his team improved from last year. How hard was that to do? Besides, the utter tank job at the end of this season has taken the shine off the relative success. Don't be surprised if this is the high watermark for the Knicks over the next few seasons.

  • Mets 3, Nationals 2: Beating the Nationals these days is like taking candy from a baby. The Mets probably entered this series hoping for a sweep, and despite looking sluggish against Nationals starter John Patterson, managed to take the opener. Mike Pelfrey, joining the club as its fifth starter, pitched well enough, but he probably will have to improve on his control. He walked four in 5 2/3 innings Friday, and that won't get it done against teams that don't inspire comparisons to the 1962 Mets.

  • A's 5, Yankees 4: After wearing out A's starter Dan Haren and getting a surprisingly effective start from Kei Igawa, the Yankees blew a three-run lead and lost in 11 innings. They had plenty of chances to get more runs off Haren and off the A's bullpen, but they didn't get the job done. In the eighth inning, they had second and third and no one out but couldn't score. They'll play again Saturday night.