• Mets 8, Twins 1: The Mets went 16 days between wins that came on days other than a Friday. What does that prove? Nothing, except that they hadn't been winning that frequently. John Maine put together a good start Monday, however, and the Mets followed suit. Carlos Delgado improved on his .290 on-base percentage by going 2-for-4 with a home run. The other half of Brothers Carlos, Carlos Beltran, took until the eighth inning to get his only hit. Mets fans will want him to wake up before they get confident this rough stretch is over.

    With the Mets outfield still affected by injuries, Beltran needs to step up. His problem is his banged-quad, an ailment that is clearly affecting him at the plate. Who knows when Moises Alou will return? Shawn Green will likely see a decline after his hot start. Carlos Gomez has been all but useless. Why not try Ricky Ledee instead? The journeyman outfielder hit a home run to help his cause Monday. On Tuesday, the Mets face American Leauge Cy Young Award winner Johan Santana. Good luck with that.