Red Bull New York lost to FC Dallas, 2-1. While the loss was only the 2nd loss of the season for the Red Bulls, they only have one win. The rest of their games all ended in a tie.

2006_05_ssimpson.jpgThe Mets will try for the sweep on Thursday afternoon after beating the Phillies 5-4 Wednesday night. David Wright hit a home run for the third consecutive game while Alay Soler won his first career start. Before the game the Mets announced that they had traded the enigmatic Jorge Julio for Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez. Hernandez is 2-4 with a 6.11 ERA this year and may be 70-years old, but he is better than Jose Lima.

The Yankees took the series from Boston despite another shaky start from Randy Johnson. Randy pitched terribly, giving up five runs in five innings, but he was better than his counterpart, Matt Clement. The Yankees rocked Clement for eight runs in a little over four innings. Melky Cabrera went 2 for 4 with 4 RBI’s and Bernie Williams had 3 more hits. Both Cabrera and Williams have hit over .300 for May and helped the Yankees survive without Matsui and Sheffield.

Despite the series victory, the Yankees will not go very far unless they figure out how to fix Randy Johnson. Johnson started the season with a 2.25 ERA in his first three starts and apart from one good start against Baltimore, has been terrible in his last eight starts. Is it the inevitable decline of a 42-year old or is something else wrong? New York will have its hands full trying to figure it out.