• Bobcats 104, Knicks 87: Nothing follows up a win over the Lakers like a no-show against the last-place Bobcats. For 11 minutes between the third and then the fourth quarter, the Knicks didn't score a field goal. That won't get the job done. Jamal Crawford scored 28, and the Knicks did manage to trim a 15-point lead to a four-point one before taking their nap. Wouldn't it be great if the Knicks just didn't fall behind by such large margins? They play the Magic on Saturday.

  • Maple Leafs 2, Rangers 1: If the Rangers want to make the playoffs, they might have to finish ahead of the Leafs, another team hovering around that eighth-place spot in the Eastern Conference. Desperate comeback attempts like the Rangers' aren't helped when they take penalites in the final 90 seconds. That means pulling the goalie only gets a team to even strength and doesn't create an extra skater.