• Sixers 99, Nets 86: Philadelphia may be playing better than the absolute garbage it trucked out for most of the season, but at some point New Jersey will have to perform better than this. Richard Jefferson wants to come back at the end of this six-game road trip, and that may help. The Nets rely too heavily on Vince Carter, who finished with nine points after missing his last 14 attempts from the field. When the Nets led this one 24-7, who would have thought they would lose?

  • Bruins 4, Devils 1: Rare do you see the Devils come out flat, but that's exactly what they did at home against the Bruins. Boston is fighting for a playoff spot and New Jersey is safely ensconced, but that doesn't excuse an effort like that. The Devils let a young backup goalkeeper named Joey McDonald hold down the fort. Patrick Elias said his team "had nothing" and that "there just wasn't enough urgency on our part." That about covers it.