• Mets 5 Giants 4 (12 innings): This is the type of game that a Met fan can really appreciate. After all those times when Armando Benitez blew it for you, how enjoyable is it to see him blow it against you?

    That’s what Benitez did, coming in with a 4-3 lead in the twelfth and issuing a leadoff walk to Jose Reyes. Benitez showed his characteristic pose and balked Reyes to second. Reyes was on third when Benitez balked again, sending Reyes home with the tying run. At that point, you could see what would happen next. Benitez, totally unnerved, finally served up a meatball to Carlos Delgado and Delgado crushed it for the game-winning home run.

  • Toronto 3 Yankees 2: At this point the only question remaining is to ask, how low can this team sink? As if they needed to find a new way to lose, Tuesday’s debacle came in part because of a steal of home. Boston has now equaled the 14 ½ game lead they built in 1978. Could lightning possibly strike twice?

Photograph of his teammates waiting to welcome him at home after his game-winning 12th inning home run by Julie Jacobson/AP