Yankees 4, Rangers 3: The Yankees held off the Rangers behind an excellent performance by Chien-Ming Wang and Jorge Posada. Posada has an insane seven RBI in the last two games.

2006_04_smetslogo.jpgLike the Yankees/Rangers game, the Mets game was also a one-run game. Despite saving their best threat for the ninth inning, the Mets couldn't score and lost to St. Louis 1-0 on Wednesday.

For the Mets, Gothamist couldn't help but be frustrated in the top of the ninth. Teams should score at least one run when they have a leadoff double (Jose Reyes) and the bases loaded and one out (with David Wright up no less!). Instead, Wright struck out against ex-Met Jason Isringhausen, and the rally soon disentegrated. The Mets' lackluster offense wasted the effort given by Steve Trachsel, who Gothamist likes as a decent but not spectacular innings eater. What's more, Wednesday's game took only two hours, 36 minutes, a rarity for a game involving the Mets pitcher many have called "the human rain delay." The Mets play St. Louis again Thursday afternoon.