• Entering Monday's U.S. Open final, Roger Federer was looking at a season without a major title. Only Federer could make the finals of three grand slams and the semifinals of the other and be disappointed with his season. Then he stepped on the court -- a day later than scheduled thanks to Saturday's rain -- and demolished Scotland's Andy Murray in straight sets to win his fifth straight U.S. Open title. Sure, Federer caught a break that he had an extra day of rest after he finished Saturday. He also wasn't shedding any tears that he got Murray and not world No. 1 Rafael Rafael. Murray beat Nadal, Federer's main foil, in four sets over two days.

    But soon no one will care about the situations in which Federer won his 13 grand slam titles. For most of the match, Federer looked like the guy who won four straight U.S. Open titles before having the worst season in five years in his career. His serve -- always underappreciated thanks to his footwork and his groundstrokes -- was on and his forehand wasn't as errant as it has been in the past. The only point in which he had to exert himself was at two games all, love-40 in the second set, but he battled through that, won the set, 7-5. The third set was on cruise control.

    Federer also benefited from some support from the New York crowd. In the past, the Flushing Meadows patrons gave him proper support, but this year they genuinely seemed to want Federer to win this year. They weren't disappointed.

  • Angels 12, Yankees 1: The only drama in this game came when Ivan Rodriguez took exception to Torii Hunter stealing with the Angels up, 6-1. (If you don't want to be embarrassed, don't fall behind by five runs.) Anyway, after Hunter stole second and then third and then collided with the catcher at home plate, Rodriguez game him a little nudge. Hunter than ran up and pushed Rodriguez in the back, and the benches came out so everyone could defend his manhood. Ridiculous. Hunter and Rodriguez both got ejected.

Photo of Roger Federer celebrating after defeating Andy Murray by AP/Julie Jacobson