2006_09_ssiyanks.gif-S.I. Yanks 2 Tri-City 0: In what will hopefully be a sign of things to come, we have a baseball championship to celebrate. The Baby Bombers are champions of the New York-Penn League for the second year in a row! It is the first time the league has had a repeat champion in 25 years.

George Kontos pitched six shutout innings while striking out eleven for the win. Kyle Larsen’s RBI in the bottom of the first gave the Baby Bombers all of the runs they needed.

-Pittsburgh 5 Mets 3: You’ve waited eighteen years, so what’s one more day? New York was denied its chance to win the NL East when they lost and Philadelphia squeaked out a victory in Houston.

While the celebration was delayed, the more important issue was the performance of Pedro Martinez. Pedro looked rusty at best, giving up six hits in only three innings and then appearing to be on the verge of a breakdown in the dugout. I guess no one told him “there’s no crying in baseball!”

-Yankees-Red Sox- ppd: The teams will be forced to play back-to-back doubleheaders Saturday and Sunday.