1. Nets 113, Cavaliers 111: The NBA's young stars may be represented by Cleveland's LeBron James and Miami's Dwyane Wade -- though not Denver's Carmelo Anthony, at least for the moment -- but Vince Carter, all of 29, carried the Nets on Wednesday. He scored 38 points, one more than James' 37, as the Nets scrapped past the Cavaliers in their second straight win over a quality team at home. Richard Jefferson and his ankle difficulties chipped in 15. Don't forget the Nets' red jerseys -- at home, no less -- and their possible blinding effect on the opposition.

  2. Knicks 111, Bobcats 109 (2OT): Who would've thought that David Lee would be tipping in game-winning baskets at the end of second overtimes? It was a good night for the draft class of 2005; Lee won the game after Channing Frye poured in 30 points on 14-of-26 shooting. Only eight Knicks played -- thanks to plenty of brawl-related suspensions -- and Frye, Stephon Marbury and Jamal Crawford each logged over 50 minutes. With such a depleted bench, Coach Isiah Thomas will take a hard-fought win against one of the league's worst after a win over the elite Utah Jazz on Monday.