• Mets 10, Yankees 7: Nothing comes easy for the 2007 Yankees. For the second time this season, one of their starters left the game with an injury without getting an out. This time, Darrell Rasner got hit on the finger -- he later learned it was fractured -- and gave way to Mike Myers, who before morphing into a long reliever this situation made his living as a situational left-hander. The Yankees haven't had any luck, but they haven't helped themselves. Johnny Damon helped one of two David Wright homers over the wall. Robinson Cano made three errors and another misplay that should have counted as one as the Yankees dropped their third straight game. With Tyler Clippard set to make his Major League debut Sunday night, the Yankees are staring a sweep in the face. Things have gone so poorly for the Yankees this season that even the Mets and their validation-seeking fans can't take unreserved glee in their team's wearing out the usually dominant rivals. Boston split its double-header with Atlanta, leaving the Yankees 10 1/2 games behind the Red Sox and the Mets three games ahead of the Braves.

  • Red Bulls 4, Crew 0: Juan Pablo Angel, a former English Premier League player led the Red Bulls with a goal and two assists. Some players -- like Claudio Reyna -- missed the game with injuries, but another, Jozy Altidore, missed it for his senior prom.
  • Top photograph of Yankees manager Joe Torre and trainer Gene Monahan watching pitcher Darrel Rasner throw a pitch after being injured during the first inning and lower photograph of David Wright hitting a two-run homer during the third inning by Ed Betz/AP