• Yankees 8 Baltimore 5: Nothing comes easy at the end of the year. The Yankees fell behind 2-0 before rallying for a 5-2 lead. But, Phil Hughes was shaky and had to be lifted in the sixth as the Orioles threatened. Edwar Ramirez managed to end that threat, but the Orioles rallied in the seventh and Luis Vizcaino had to come in and snuff out that rally. Kyle Farnsworth created problems in the ninth and an overused Mariano Rivera had to bail him out and end the game.

    On the plus side, the offense had a great night, pounding out 13 hits and drawing 7 walks. Plus, Boston and Detroit lost, which means the Yankees are now 3-1/2 games back in the AL East and ahead in the wild card. But, on nights when Joba isn’t available, the Yankees’ bullpen looks lost, so the biggest question is what will happen to the “Joba Rules” come playoff time?

  • Washington 12 Mets 4: It’s a little late in the year, but Willie Randolph might want to send his pitchers out for fielding practice. Two bad plays by the Mets pitchers factored into this game, as did four errors by the Mets. Coming on the heels of a six error game, the defense is suddenly a cause for concern and with Philadelphia winning again, the Mets need to wake up quickly.