2006_06_ssiyankees.jpg - Yankees 5, Cyclones 2: The Staten Island Yankees beat the Cyclones for the 3rd game in a row to open the season. The game, played at Keyspan Park, was much closer than Tuesday's 18-0 shutout by the Yankees. On the plus side, the Cyclones did score their first runs at home all season.

- Mets 6, Reds 2: Pedro Martinez pitched a 2-hitter but allowed 5 walks in his 7th win of the season. The Mets were aided by two home runs by David Wright in the last game of the four-game series. After their hot streak on the road, the Mets were only 3-4 in their brief homestand. The Mets now hit the road for 9 straight games against the AL East's best teams, Toronto, Boston, and their crosstown rivals in The Bronx.