Mets 8, Cardinals 3: The Mets wait out a rain delay and tack on 4 runs in the 8th inning to seal the victory.

2006_04_syankeeslogo.jpgWith Giambi, Sheffield and Matsui on the shelf, Gothamist can’t blame any of you who switched off tonight’s game after the Yankees fell behind 9-0. But, if you did, you missed one of the greatest Yankee games in recent history. Jorge Posada hit a two-run, walk-off, home run to give the Yankees a thrilling 14-13 victory over Texas.

Erasing a 9-0 deficit matched the biggest comeback in franchise history and when the Yankees took an 11-10 lead, it seemed like they would certainly win. But, Texas took a 12-11 lead and the Yankees tied the game again. Then, the Rangers scored off of Mariano Rivera in the ninth to take a 13-12 lead, only to see Posada blast New York to victory.

Posada’s home run was the perfect capper to a great night. He had 5 RBI”s including the one that tied the game at twelve and made a fantastic block of home to keep Texas from scoring in the sixth inning. In the Yankees’ star-studded lineup, Jorge Posada often goes unnoticed, but he always contributes, no more so than tonight.