• Mets 6 Florida 2: El Duque came off of the DL and looked as if he had discovered an elixir of youth. For six innings he kept the Marlins completely off-balance, striking out four and allowing only one hit. The problem was Florida’s pitchers were also shutting down the Mets.

    That all changed in the ninth. After trading runs in the eighth, the Mets started the inning with Delgado earning a walk. Carlos Gomez came into run for him and promptly stole second. He scored on a botched fielder’s choice and then the floodgates opened. Reyes and Chavez singled home runs and Carlos Beltran doubled to make it 6-1. Only some nifty relief pitching by Randy Messenger kept the Mets from doing more damage, but they had scored enough even though Billy Wagner pitched a shaky ninth.

  • Angels 10 Yankees 6: This was a breakdown on so many levels. Tyler Clippard wasn’t good, but he was better than Matt DeSalvo and Luis Vizcaino. The defense could charitably be called careless. Add it all up and the Angels cruised to an easy win while Big George had a lot to say.