• Rangers 2 Pittsburgh 1: When you see the puck go in like that, you have to think that luck was involved. Not that the Rangers didn’t deserve to win this game, they played hard and got a ton of shots, but with thirty seconds left they were facing the prospect of overtime and a possible shootout with Sidney Crobsy. Instead, Jaromir Jagr brought the puck down the side and when he was forced to the boards, he did the only thing he could, throw the puck at the net.

    It’s somewhat ironic that he did that considering how reluctant Jagr and the other Rangers have been to shoot, especially when they are on the power play, but shoot he did. And, it somehow paid off, off of a defenseman’s stick and into the net.

    The play was reviewed, but replays showed that the puck had clearly crossed the net and the Rangers escaped with a win and now hold the seventh spot in the Eastern Conference. Assuming they make the playoffs, this will probably be the win that got them in.