• Yankees 2 Baltimore 1: The Yankees needed a win like this, a win where some of the biggest disappointments of 2008 combined to lead them to victory. A win where they got the clutch hit when it mattered. If this team goes on and lives up to its potential in 2008, this win could be the turning point.
    It started with Ian Kennedy providing six solid innings of pitching. Kennedy has been horrendous so far this year and maybe it was the news that Joba is coming to take his spot, maybe it was something else, but he was a different pitcher tonight. Shelley Duncan who has also longed for 2007, provided the initial run and Robinson Cano, the guy who represents the Yankees’ offensive failures in 2008 provided the game-winner with two outs in the ninth. Even Joe Girardi got involved, channeling Billy Martin with a justified meltdown in the ninth after a blown call by the umpires.
  • Atlanta 4 Mets 2: Willie Randolph may have created his own problems earlier in the week, but his team isn’t helping him overcome them. You can’t fault Willie for sticking with his ace, but Chipper Jones beat him and the Mets dropped all four games to Atlanta. Expect the buzzards to be circling the manager in the papers later this morning, Willie is definitely on the hot seat.