Aside from questions concerning apartment condition, length of lease, and what is included in the rent, what are some key questions to ask a landlord?

In addition to the questions you listed, you might want to ask about repairs - who makes them? How are requests for repairs handled? Try to find out where the landlord is located (if not in the building). Ask Gothamist once lived in an apartment with an off-site landlord and repairs simply never got done - we always had windows that wouldn't open and a bathroom ceiling that was caving in.

You should also ask if the apartment is rent stablized, which will depend on factors such as when the building was built, how many units are in the building, and if the rent is below or above $2,000. If the apartment is not rent stabilized, ask how much the increase would be if you renewed your lease.

We assume you'll be able to take a look at the place, which should tell you a lot about the apartment and its condition. If you see any other building residents, try to ask them how the landlord is. Just because a landlord tells you that all the repairs will immediately get done and that you'll always have plenty of heat doesn't mean that this will actually be the case. For more information on your rights as a tenent, check out Tenant Net.

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