In about 198 days, Lance Armstrong is planning on running in the NYC Marathon on November 5. We bet he didn't have to wait for a lottery ticket! Armstrong told the AP, "I've been training some, but I wouldn't call it serious. It's just something to fill a void in my life after I quit competing as a professional cyclist." Not serious for Armstrong would probably mean a 2 hour 30 minute marathon! But really, Lance probably thought, "Diddy did it, so can I."

Here's the NYC Marathon website. Did you know that Rudy Giuliani named August 2, 2001 Lance Armstrong Day? Will Lance wear an aerodynamic helmet? Or an all-yellow, fresh-off-the presses state-of-the-art Nike running uniform? And Lance, unlike the onlookers during the Tour de France, the only thing we New Yorkers throw to the runners is love and encouragement.