The best rapper in the Mets organization might be Lastings Milledge, but he shouldn't be expecting a call-up because of his music anytime soon. Milledge a 22 year-old outfield prospect for the Mets who was briefly in the bigs last season. While with the Mets last year, some criticized him for his showiness at times, being late, and not running hard on the basepaths. In 166 at bats, Milledge had a .241 average. Though he's currently in the minor leagues and on the DL, it doesn't mean he can't cause controversy. Besides playing baseball, Milledge dabbles in the music business as the CEO of Soul-ja Boi records, a label he co-founded in Florida. Milledge raps as L Millz (is that for millions or Milledge - the double entendre is brilliant!) in "Bend Ya Knees," a track by Manny D, the label's "premier artist". The lyrics in the song (which you can listen to at their website) have shocked some people with lyrics that the Daily News excerpts as: "rich (N word)," "wealthy (N word)," a "top-notch ho" and having "a different bitch for every night." Gothamist could swear we heard something about getting high in the song too.

The Mets have distanced themselves from the song that Milledge appears on, "We disapprove of the content, language and message of this recording, which does not represent the views of the New York Mets." According to the Soul-Ja Boi website, Manny D and L Millz are friends from junior high.

Perhaps the most outrage about the lyrics in the song is from City Councilman Leroy Comrie. Comrie, who previously introduced legislation in the council to ban the "N word", told the Daily News, "He's lost his mind. I don't understand how he could, in the spirit of Jackie Robinson, put out music that's so vile, using . . . some of the worst words in music." The spirit of Jackie Robinson? Ouch! While Milledge didn't comment on the song itself, he did tell the Daily News that he was focusing on baseball.

At the Staten Island Advance, they wonder if this is Lastings' last straw, the Post says that L Millz is still immature, and The Sun chimes in as well. In the recent past, Don Imus was fired from his radio show for using similar words and Al Sharpton campaigned for cleaner lyrics in music.

Photo of Manny D (left) and L Millz aka Lastings Milledge (right)