News that Kobe Bryant bought his wife a $4 million ring last week may either be taken as PR stunt or truly the "big love" that the jeweler who made the ring claims is between Kobe and wife Vanessa. The purple diamond is 8 carats, and not the first of extravagant jewelry Kobe has purchased: He also got their 16-carat wedding set and a 7.5-carat yellow diamond at Santa Monica store, Raffinity.

Gothamist thought it appropriate to note Vanessa Bryant's statement to the press: "He is a loving and kind husband and father. I believe in his innocence. Because I know him to be innocent, I will stand by him and we will face this together." Yes, he is innocent to her, but it could also be proffered that he's a cheating dog who is only good for being cute, talented, and the multi-millions he brings in. And Vanessa, while we agree you need to make Kobe pay for cheating you, a very beautiful woman and the mother of his child, making him pay in huge bling isn't the great idea - check out 10 reasons why you should not accept diamonds.

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