2006_02_skobe.jpgGothamist has a special request for Punxsutawney Phil. We’ll take our chances on the length of winter; just bring an early end to the basketball season at the Garden. Last night, it wasn’t so much Kobe, or his parade to the foul line, but another case of the Knicks quitting on their fans in a 130-97 loss.

Gothamist also has a request for Jim Dolan, step in and fix this! Yes, we know that you really can’t fire Isiah Thomas right now, but how about putting him on administrative leave? How about letting someone else take the reins and try to clean up this mess? Larry Brown might do it, you certainly are paying him enough, but he didn’t get himself thrown out of yesterday’s game because he likes what he sees on the court.

Mr. Dolan, we need a reason to believe again. Channing Frye seems like a keeper. Eddy Curry could be good, if he gets in shape, but there isn’t much else to be hopeful about. Knicks’ fans are not averse to rebuilding, we remember the Pat Cummings and Rory Sparrow era, but we don’t have any draft picks to get the next Patrick Ewing. Help us Mr. Dolan; we don’t have anywhere else to turn.

Photo by Adam Pantozzi via Tozzer.net