Jamal Crawford; Photo: Getty Images

Well, well. The Knicks have finally won a game at the Meadowlands, something they had not done since 2001 (7 games). Prior to this season, a win across the Hudson would have been as surprising as the attendance at last night's game (16,794). The Nets have been struggling to draw a crowd, which isn't surprising given their dismal record, plans to move to Brooklyn, and the trade of Kenyon Martin.

Jason Kidd and Allan Houston, who both returned recently from injury, saw limited action, playing 21 and 11 minutes respectively. Some credit for the win has to go to the Knicks defense though. No matter how bad the Nets are, the Knicks managed to hold the Nets without a field goal for more than 15 minutes during the 3rd and 4th quarters.

While in the game, Kidd managed 15 points with Richard Jefferson leading the Nets with 22 and Eric Williams adding another 21 points. The Knicks were led by Jamal Crawford who lit it up with 30 points while chucking 21 shots and missing 13. On the plus side, he did go 4-9 from 3-point range.

Photo by Getty Images via NY Newsday