2006_05_isaiah.jpgScuttlebutt from Knicks sources is that Knicks owner James Dolan (owner of Cablevision) and MSG president Steve Mills are willing to buy out pricey remaining four years on coach Larry Brown's contract. And not only that, the new coach could be general manager Isaiah Thomas. Management has been upset with Brown's criticism of players to the media, but let's face it - who hasn't been criticizing the most expensive NBA roster with the second worst record in the league for the 2005-2006 season? Brown's remaining contract is worth $44 million, and that would be some easy money for Brown (though it's unclear how the Knicks would structure a buy-out - paying in full and Brown can't coach for four years or paying a percentage, but Brown gets back into the game), who had some medical problems towards the end of the season. The Daily News says that Knicks players "staged a palace coup in front of Thomas during their exit interviews," with eight of the fifteen players blaming Brown for the poor season. Well, there's no one to blame like someone else! Gothamist thinks ownership is buying out the wrong guy, but maybe it's fitting that Thomas would have to clean up his own mess. The key for the team to succeed is to get Stephon "Call Me Starbury" Marbury out and younger players who want to be coached in. Of course, the Knicks, even with crap records, can't count on any high draft picks since they failed to lottery-protect their first round picks for this year and next after the Eddy Curry trade.

The Post's Peter Vecsey has his thoughts about Thomas being a coach - number 2 is "Let's see if I get this: Thomas, an abject failure in one job - president of basketball operations - is given additional duties. Who's running Camp Cablevision? Howard Dean?" And remember when the Knicks were announcing Larry Brown as the new coach?