2006_03_knicksrobinson.jpgInstead of dwelling on another pathetic loss by the Knicks Gothamist is going layout what he would like to see happen the rest of the season which thankfully lasts only 14 more games.

First and foremost, the Knicks need to learn what the kids can do so Nate Robinson and David Lee need to start every game in place of Jalen Rose and Steve Francis. Jamal Crawford and Jackie Butler should be the first two guys off the bench and Qyntel Woods should get a lot of playing time as well. Eddy Curry should play as much as he can.

While the young guys play, Larry Brown needs to shut his mouth and not say anything derogatory about Stephon Marbury. The Knicks are probably going to trade him this summer and his value is already low enough without the coach constantly complaining about him. Also, Larry should take Steve Francis aside and tell him that next year will be different, but to just accept coming off the bench for now while he promises not to humiliate him anymore.

After that Larry should have a team meeting and acknowledge that griping to the press about players was not the way to go. He needs to reaffirm his belief in them and restate that he will be coaching the team next year. None of this will ever happen, but Gothamist can dream, can’t he?

Photo by Adam Pantozzi via Tozzer.net