crawfordatthebuzzer.jpegSome clutch jumpers by Kurt Thomas and a banked in three pointer at the buzzer by Jamal Crawford helped the Knicks beat the Houston Rockets and former coach Jeff Van Gundy 93-92 last night in Texas. Crawford finished the night with 19 points and Thomas added an impressive 23 points and 14 rebounds. They both carried the Knicks to their first road win of the season, while Houston has lost four out of their last five games.

"I thought it was in all the way," Thomas said after the game. "Whenever your teammate tells you he's going to hit it coming out of the huddle, you believe him. It was an unbelievable shot. But he said he was going to make it." Crawford told the NY Post, "This win was so big, you guys don't understand. We feel like this is the turning point of the season." Gothamist will let our readers decide if the Knicks can have a turning point in their season after just 7 games and a sub .500 record.

Unfortunately trouble is brewing back in Gotham while the Knicks finish up their four game road trip tonight in Dallas. James Dolan and Camp Cablevision are fudeing with Time Warner Cable over cable fees for their 2.3 million subscribers. Negotiations began over the summer with the help of Attorney General Elliott Spitzer, but a recently imposed deadline of November 24th could leave Knicks fans in the dark after Thanksgiving when Cablevision pulls MSG and FSNY from TWC's broadcasts. To compensate their subscribers, TWC would temporarily replace those channels with NBATV and College Sports TV as well as offering a $2 per month refund.

That's all well and good, but Gothamist thinks New Yorkers would rather see their $104 million machine in action each and every night.