2006_02_sfryesdunk.jpgThe only thing worse than watching a losing team is watching a losing team that doesn’t seem to have a way to get better. The Knicks are that team and Sunday they continued their march to the bottom of the league, losing 90-83 to Houston.

The sad thing is, the Knicks could have won this game, if they had played even a little better. They outrebounded Houston on both ends of the floor, but could only shoot 37.5% from the field after going cold for most of the second half. They committed 15 turnovers against only 14 assists and managed only four steals. Eddy Curry epitomized the Knicks’ futility getting eight points in the first quarter and only one in the rest of the game before fouling out.

The Knicks now have to head to Dallas and face the Mavericks, a team they actually beat in early January. Can the Knicks mange a season sweep of a team that is a legitimate threat to win it all? It’s doubtful, but in a season with little to cheer about, it would be the highlight of the season.

Photo by AP/Jessic Kourkounisvia Yahoo