2006_03_sdailynewscover.jpgName the two best players eligible for the upcoming NBA Draft. Maybe you like Tyrus Thomas or Adam Morrison? Well, the Knicks would have been in position to pick one of them after Tuesday’s draft lottery, but they traded that pick away last year to get Eddy Curry. The Chicago Bulls now get the chance to use the #2 overall pick on the player they want and also will have the option of swapping first round picks with the Knicks in 2007. Nice work, Isiah!

Meanwhile, back with the team, things could not be more absurd. Owner Jim Dolan is reportedly prepared to give Brown $25 million not to coach anymore and install Isiah as head coach, but he hasn’t made up his mind so Brown is currently working out potential draft picks for the Knicks.

While we can’t argue with Dolan for being sickened by Brown’s job, if you are going to clean house you have to go all the way. Buying out Brown while keeping Isiah is ridiculous, both need to go or both need to stay and see if they can clean up the enormous mess they have made. Better yet, can an owner fire himself? Maybe then the Knicks would have a chance.