Leave it to the Knicks to make the firing of coach Don Chaney as horrible as possible: Rumors are rampant that Mike Fratello is going to be hired as coach, as Chaney shows up before practice; then right before the game, he's told he's fired, leaving security to escort him and his wife out of the Madison Square Garden. That's really not classy, even if Chaney reportedly said with relief, "I'm not coaching tonight." And we have to credit him with saying about the situation, "Life isn't fair and you have to deal with it." And to paraphrase the Times' Liz Robbins, Isaiah Thomas is all drama, all the time. Hmm, maybe Keith Van Horn will realize he isn't playing anymore when all his sneakers are mysteriously missing.

Also, it's great that all the stories about Lenny Wilkens now coaching say he's the winniest and losingest coach in NBA history. That's like getting a lawyer who loses as many cases as he wins. And tien sums it up pretty well: "Lenny Wilkens is an old, old man." information leafblower turns his attention to briefly the Knicks team: "I read some thing today that said Allan Houston hasn't had an assist or a rebound in over a week."