Joumana, T.J., and Jason KiddBoston Globe reporter Bob Ryan was suspended for a month without pay for saying he'd like to "smack" Joumana Kidd, wife of Jason Kidd, New Jersey Nets star, hypothesizing she was using four year old son, T.J to forward her ambitions:

Ryan said: "I got theories with this last year, with this woman, this Joumana Kidd, who wants to be a TV star. She wants face time on camera. You know what, the great way to get face time on camera, bring the cute little precocious kid. Oh great, I mean, she needs, I'd like to smack her."

Gothamist has no idea what Joumana Kidd has been doing, but using children as props to forward careers is nothing new. Joan Crawford anyone? Dan Kennedy at the Boston Phoenix agrees with the punishment but still feels Ryan is one of the best writers around (who does write about women athletes often). [Via Romenesko's Media News]

Last year, during a heated New Jersey Nets-Boston Celtics playoff series, Kidd's wife and son were heckled and did not attend games in Boston.