2005_10_sstott.jpgA day after George Steinbrenner went out of his way to congratulate the Angels and their manager Mike Scioscia for winning the series against the Yankees, Mel Stottlemyre defended his manager, Joe Torre. The Yankees pitching coach, in his 21st year with the team as a player or coach spoke out against Steinbrenner, who might very well be his former boss. Stottlemyre said, ""I laughed when I saw it. My first thoughts were, 'What about Joe? Joe had done a hell of a job, too.' To congratulate the other manager and not congratulate your own after what he'd done this year, I laughed."

Is there any boss that's crazier or plays more mind games than Steinbrenner? Most of the time, he snips at the team from his offices in Tampa Bay and has his cronies there make baseball decisions without the knowledge of the front office in New York. If there was ever a case for organizational consolidation, we're thinking the Yankees would be a prime candidate. Then again, spend more than $200 million on your payroll and you might have the right to snip.

Photo by AP via YES